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ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing (TALIP), Volume 4 Issue 1, March 2005

Domain-specific FAQ retrieval using independent aspects
Chung-Hsien Wu, Jui-Feng Yeh, Ming-Jun Chen
Pages: 1-17
DOI: 10.1145/1066078.1066079
This investigation presents an approach to domain-specific FAQ (frequently-asked question) retrieval using independent aspects. The data analysis classifies the questions in the collected QA (question-answer) pairs into ten question types in...

Correction of errors in a verb modality corpus for machine translation with a machine-learning method
Masaki Murata, Masao Utiyama, Kiyotaka Uchimoto, Hitoshi Isahara, Qing Ma
Pages: 18-37
DOI: 10.1145/1066078.1066080
In recent years, various types of tagged corpora have been constructed and much research using tagged corpora has been done. However, tagged corpora contain errors, which impedes the progress of research. Therefore, the correction of errors in...

A speech synthesizer for Persian text using a neural network with a smooth ergodic HMM
F. Hendessi, A. Ghayoori, T. A. Gulliver
Pages: 38-52
DOI: 10.1145/1066078.1066081
The feasibility of converting text into speech using an inexpensive computer with minimal memory is of great interest. Speech synthesizers have been developed for many popular languages (e.g., English, Chinese, Spanish, French, etc.), but designing a...